Wednesday, May 05, 2010

My Fat Fish

Had dinner with my colleagues at my Fat Fish steamboat, a nice serene location near office!
And when I was there, I heard some laughter which I found so familliar...
Yes!!! Audrey from my New York Kaki Group was there with her group of colleagues too!!!!

What I like about the place is that we get to enjoy the steamboat in a pretty cool air con environment. They have this little shields to protect the flame from the air con:

Which I think is pretty good, cos it would be really difficult to enjoy steamboat when you are already sweating while eating!

Choice of food is also good, love their hand made meat balls which come in a variety like prawn ball, chicken ball, beef ball:

The next item, was not provided by them! We brought these crabs to enjoy! Really nice and sweet!

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