Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The cause of the floods?

Recently Singapore has been plagued by wet weather.. and even disastrous floods in many areas across Singapore!

So is this the case of bad Feng Shui of a newly open
ed tourist attraction? I came across this article here:

If you take alook at the top of the building, indeed looks like a ship hanging in the sky. With the 3 solid buildings supporting the “ship” and lifted it up the sky, there is no way anyone can alight from the ship other than to jump down. That’s really bad sign according to chinese belief (almost everything about death is bad anyway)
Well, according to this blog:

I heard somewhere a fengshui master mentioned because this gigantic roof top looks like a ship so high, it would make the rest of Singapore land appear to be below sea level, and hence, that is why we are getting floods, which is something that rarely happens! Morever, usually in the middle of the year, Singapore should be the hottest during the May - July period. Instead it has been raining cats and dogs, with floods!

I wonder who did the fengshui for the Marina Bay Sands? From the fengshui angle, if the cause of the floods is indeed due to the 'ship', are we going to be "drowned" soon? Hope the people at the higher level do something to avert this or have a fengshui cure in place soon.

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