Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Getting to know Billy...

Thinking of moving to NYC?

Need help with some professional movers?

Or just with some other housekeeping services?

If you need to do it smart and right and save money at the same time, you better get to know Billy!

Billy who?

Billy is the brains behind of the Web's Smartest Savings Club. He claims that saving money is more then just his passion, it's his purpose.

Billy’s job is to make sure that all his friends never have to pay full price again! With the help of his fantastic family, he will negotiate great deals with the various retailers and service providers on behalf of his friends!

So this means that whether you need NYC relocation services or some Austin moving company, you just need to leave all the hard work to Billy and wait for his goods news to you!

Still find it hard to believe so?

Behind his suave appearance and rugged good looks lies a power negotiator! I also compare offers and quotes from different vendors so all his friends can find the most suitable product or service and still keep as much of their hard earned money as possible.

Isn’t it wonderful to have friends like Billy around?

Check him out today!

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