Saturday, November 06, 2010


Remember the 1989 comedy film. Honey, I Shrunk the Kids? It was the directorial debut of Joe Johnston and the movie was released through Walt Disney Pictures and Silver Screen Partners III. The film tells the story of a professor who accidentally shrinks his kids and his neighbor's kids to 1/4 of an inch with his electro-magnetic shrink ray and sends them out into the backyard with the trash together with a whole load full of adventure and laughter!

Just imagine if you could do the same to your bills?

Not to worry, here's introducing BillShrink!

BillShrink is a free cost-savings tool that works continuously to save you money on your everyday expenses, from fuel to household groceries and even your telephone bill! Given the vast number of complex offers and plans, such as those from the major mobile carriers, like Sprint, and credit card issuers, chances are pretty high that consumers are paying much more than they really need to.

Billshrink makes it simpler to compare what you need and what you already have to what suppliers are offering. This translates to significant savings! Check out a sample of their comparison on cell phone plans by Sprint!

Now, isn’t that just how things on the Web should be? So before you sign up with that Verizon Wireless cell phone plans, check out Billshrink!

Billshrink: incredibly useful, simple and most importantly, free!

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