Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The most embarrassing dining experience ever!!

Let’s just put it simply:

Received a phone call from 2 friends, L and V at about 2 plus pm asking me out for dinner.

We went to this eating-place at some heavy Vehicle Park at Bukit Batok called 818 Kopitiam. Was told by my friend V that they are able to accept credit cards / Nets payment, so we dined heartily!

When we were about to settle the bill, we realized to our horror, they did not accept credit cards/ Net payment… How brilliant. And to make things worse, V did not have his wallet with him and L did not have enough cash with me. I was just basically stuck with cards and more…. Which just didn’t make things look better!

So in a panic, we called our mutual friend J1 who was in town with other friends, he told us that he will arrive probably in 45 minutes. So I decided to call another friend, J2, who was just living nearby, but he was sleeping, and only responded to my call for help much later.

So L and V left the scene, leaving me alone at the place… and it was only much later that J1 and J2 came… So embarrassing!!!

Moral of the story: Cash is king!

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