Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sterile Saline Solutions

If you have not gotten any gifts for your friends this festive Christmas season, why not consider getting your friend a bottle of Simply Saline Sterile Saline Solution for contacts if he/she uses contact lenses??

The solution is ideal for rinsing, heat disinfections, and storage of soft contact lenses. This solution, according to the manufacturer, may also be used for rinsing in conjunction with chemical disinfections. This solution is useful for patients with a history of sensitivity to Thimerosal, chlorhexidine or other substances present in preserved saline solutions.

Just some facts about saline solutions: Saline solution is similar to our tears. So the lenses will be comfortable to wear after soaking our lenses in saline solution. In addition, saline solution can also remove the harsher chemicals from the lenses. So next time, when we are out, it is better to have some saline solutions on hand as the contact lenses can easily dry.

Hydrogen peroxide cleaners have a great effect in eliminating grime and mineral deposits on the lenses. But there is also a problem that if not rinsed well after cleaning, people may feel their eyes in intense discomforts. And people should also be careful to store it well.

Forget Acuvue and give it a try today!

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