Friday, December 03, 2010

Taxi Taxi Taxi

Just got into a 'pissified' mood after knocking off from work... Yea.. we all should be happy and smiling after knocking off from work....

But that was not the case today... Totally spoilt by the guys from SMRT!

Booked a cab via phone and was told that it would arrive in 7 minutes.

Waited at designated pick up point for more then 30 minutes, no sign of cab.

When I had to call back the hotline to check on status of cab, I was put on hold nearly 15 minutes to speak to the operator, who sounded so inexperienced, and she tried contacting the taxi driver, but to no avail..

Heck, the taxi driver must have picked up another customer!


She assured me another taxi arriving in 5-8 minutes...

This time that taxi did arrive...

But the journey back home was horrendous... The taxi driver kept fiddling with his iPhone and the whole journey was full of abrupt braking... makes it feel like riding a camel..

Anyway... thank god I found these web hosting coupons

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