Monday, February 21, 2011

Enjoy little pleasures while running errands

Was in town today to run some errands.

Had to wait 2 hours for an express service for some printing service... and I chanced across this Lerk Thai bistro outlet located at POMO...

It has been some time since I had Thai food... so decided to go for it... Their special promotion of $1.90 for a set top up of tom yam soup and white rice to any main course was pretty attractive. I had their signature green curry chicken rice:

.. and of course to sweeten the meal up... the Thai Chendol dessert!
Finally went back to the shop to collect my items....

Quite a scene at the shop when I was back... The shop owner scolding the shop assistant, a mute lady probably in her 40s/40s. Right to the verge that the shop assistant was bursting in tears, over what to me just a little small defect on my item.

Well, I would really have kicked up a big fuss over that.. but the sight of the wailing shop assistant just tugged at my heart strings... and I decided to let the matter rest~

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